Monday, October 21, 2013

Modern Day Medicine Woman

Most of you who are reading this know me for my dedication and focus on mental health and well-being.  My life’s work is to spread an understanding of the Three Principles so as to plant the seed of peace-of-mind all along my path.  I enjoy doing this and I also enjoy walking the walk, so to speak.  My passion for this understanding comes from the heart because knowing how we all navigate…how we all come home to & also stray away from our natural state of well-being…has changed every faucet of my life.  There is not a corner, a nook or a cranny that has not been impacted by my awareness of this understanding.  I am grateful and feel compelled to share.
There has been, however, one nook…one cranny that has been left untended.  This piece of the puzzle, like all other pieces, benefits greatly from understanding how we each choose our perspective.  This understanding of the Three Principles still applies and is still useful and relevant here.  This piece, though, was a consistent obstacle.  I had become increasingly aware of the effort it was taking to adjust my attitude around this nook & cranny.
The piece I’m speaking of is physical health.  The actual health of the body.  Mine has been poor for years and I’d like to explain in case you don’t know me well enough to understand what I’m referring to.  I have suffered from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain due to three major car accidents…one per decade since I was 15.  In addition, I have had unexplained bouts of nausea for about six years, which no one has been able to treat.  Over the last two years I also began having more frequent and more intense migraines.  As a result, I have been to the doctors a lot, was on a handful of medications & was not finding solutions, but instead remedies for when the pain hit.  I was finding some relief in visits to my acupuncturist and my massage therapist, but could not afford the amount of office visits I really needed to walk around feeling well.  In short, each day began and ended with pain & I was rising above it quite well.  I feel proud of this fact, AND I still believed that a solution was out there waiting for my awareness.
Then one day about a month ago, POOF!  The answer I had been waiting for.  My sister-in-law, a total health nut, wanted me to know about a line of naturopathic supplements that she had been on.  They had “changed her life.”  To be honest, she had talked about it once before to me and I was not a listener at the time.  But now, with the progression of my symptoms and with my kids getting used to finding me in bed, she had a listener!  As I listened to my Mind, I felt sure that this was where my awareness needed to be.
I was skeptical, but I also loved the idea of filling all of my cells with nutrients from mother nature herself.  As I researched and found that the scientist behind these products had spent over 50,000 hours both in the lab and around the world in indigenous populations for the sole purpose of offering healing to western society, it became an easy decision.
I began taking a handful of all natural supplements about a month ago & I cannot tell you the results I’ve had.  No migraines.  No nausea.  No more medications.  Restful nights where I’m dreaming again. My chronic pain has drastically diminished.  I’ve lost weight.  I have energy.  I feel fabulous!  Of course, every body is different so I’m not guaranteeing these exact results for you.  All I can do is tell my story and try to share these products with like-minded people whom I care about.
I had gotten so used to not feeling well that contrast I’m experiencing has me very excited and amazed!  I’m on a total health revolution & I truly feel that between my understanding of the Three Principles and my new understanding of physical wellness, I am able to treat mind, body & soul completely.  I am a modern day medicine woman & I’d love to share what I’ve found with you.
If I’ve peaked your interest follow the link below & please be in touch. xo Cory