Monday, August 29, 2011

A Child's Wisdom

"Children are a wonderful gift . . . They have an extraordinary capacity to see into the heart of things and to expose sham and humbug for what they are." ~Desmond Tutu 

Thank goodness for children!  I've said it before.  It is true, and I'm aware of how quickly they can pull someone right into a good feeling.  They have a way of living the place where good feelings are, and we, as adults, somehow live somewhere else...eventually even forgetting to visit this place of well being. 

We become such over-thinkers.  We explain less about our actions and expect others to understand bend to fit us.  Children, well they just find happiness in what they are doing...usually and quite naturally.  They are not in control of a lot that goes on around them...they are not trying to be in control.  They're just marching to a happy little tune within their heart.

It becomes so easy as we live and travel so many bends in the road, to be in judgement of complain & take personally.  It takes a lot of energy to do stay in a bad feeling, but we have become excellent at it. 

So much time is spent on expectations...and then on disappointment when our ideals aren't met...that the moment is lost.  We are in our heads rather than in our moment.

Children, on the other hand, use their mind for imagination, creativity, exercise...generally on how to make any given moment as fabulous & rich as possible.  Children are using all of their senses and coordination so that life becomes curious and adventurous. 

So much there is to learn from children and their natural simplicity.  A nice swing ride in the breeze...20 minutes of bubble t-ball game...a remedy every time.  Something sweet to distract us from our own creating 

The world is there for us to experience as we choose through our own lens of thought.  Wisdom and insight come in many forms, but none is more efficient and honest than that delivered via children.